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Battle of Blood and Ink

#Fables of the Flying City

I am ridiculously proud of The Battle of Blood & Ink.

The Battle of Blood & Ink is the story of Ashe, badass journalist on a steampunk flying city, and what happens to her when she finds out far more than she bargained for. It’s about overturning an unjust society, but, more than that, it’s about a young woman’s journey of self-discovery. The fact that said journey is set amongst explosions and rayguns and airships is just icing on the cake.

Ashe is one of my favorite characters I’ve every created. In part because, as you can see above, she gives no fucks.

The Battle of Blood & Ink was done in collaboration with Steve Walker, who’s linework knocks my dialogue right out of the park. He’s something else, that Steve.

Now, the hardcover of The Battle of Blood & Ink is out of print, but I’ve squirreled away a bunch of ‘em, and will have them on sale at Table H4 at the Small Press Expo. Because I realize we’re all on a budget these days, and really, really, really want you to own a copy of this book I am so proud of, these hardcovers will be at the SPX special price of $10 a piece.

A hardcover graphic novel featuring a kick-ass, sharp-witted heroine who battles a corrupt system with airships and raygun at only $10? Who could possibly pass that up?

I’m ridiculously proud of The Battle of Blood & Ink. You should come by Table H4 and get a copy.


look can I just say

if you haven’t listened to Fables of the Flying City yet

go do it right now.

Things it has:

  • kickass heroine
  • wide variety of characters, all vividly written
  • awesome worldbuilding for an even awesomer world
  • complex emotional growth
  • good narration
  • no price tag

It’s steampunk about a fearless girl with dreadlocks learning the meaning of war and the secrets that keep her city afloat.

And it’s free.

I really have no idea why this doesn’t have more notes.

Listen to Fables of the Flying City