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Battle of Blood and Ink


[VILLAIN] Kirika.

Japanese name: 流れ暴魔キリカ
Romanized name: Nagare Bouma Kirika

Alignment: Boma Hundred Tribe
Type: Boma/human hybrid
Inspiration: Unspecific
Status: Alive.

From: Kousoku Sentai Turboranger


  • Kirika was played by actor and model Masako Morishita. She stands at 177cm (or 5’8”). Masako later played Kujaku in Gosei Sentai Dairanger.
  • Juuken Sentai Gekiranger villains Rio and Mele may have been inspired by Kirika and Yamimaru.
  • She temporarily became Armored Kirika (ヨロイキリカ; Yoroi Kirika) in episode 44.
  • Kirika’s main weapon was the Moonlight Sword (月光劍; Gekkouken). She also had an unnamed ring-shaped shuriken that she used to revive and enlarge Boma Beasts.
  • The red string of fate that connected Kirika and Yamimaru is a common device used in many Asian stories.



Animechs by Robert Chew

The world would be cooler, if not better, place with large animal-like mechas in it. Robert put some insanely meticulous detail into these mobile combat companions, from Barn Owl Recon Units to Kingfisher Snipers, even explaining the mechanical nuances that allow them to move like their counterparts in the nature. You may not be able to “get in the fucking robot”, but when you’ve got a bigass canon, who’s gonna say you can’t ride your combat-ready Grizzly-Mech into battle with the rest of the Robot Bear Cavalry.

Artist: DeviantArt / Blogspot / Tumblr

Robot. Bear. Cavalry.


Vampire Hunter Kit

"Cased vampire killing kit, in a rosewood and ebony case with inlaid silver stringing and mother-of-pearl inlaid plaque. Contents include a black powder percussion 2-barrel pistol, a powder horn and bullet mold, bone handled dagger with crucifix, three small crucifixes, mallet and two wooden stakes, book of common prayer, two small framed portraits of Jesus, holy water and four glass vials with crystals. 4"H x 16"W x 9.75"D, Circa - 19th C". [Propnomicon]