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Battle of Blood and Ink

They were priests who had been responsible for giving out oracles of the gods who became famous in the region where they’d lived either for founding new traditions or creating new forms of old ones. And this was especially true in the case of people who had been priests of Apollo.

The plainest evidence for all of these founding figures comes from the western coastal regions of Anatolia. Sometimes the priest is lost in the mists of legend; sometimes he’s clearly a historical person. But what’s constant is a chain of succession created by ‘sons’ of Apollo, tracing its existence generation after generation back to the founding hero. For the links between heroes and the worship of Apollo were very close.

And that’s not even to mention the practice of creating special shrines for Iatromantis figures when they died and then treating them as heroes - heroes in the sense of people who had something extraordinary about them, something divine, who through the lives they had lived had gone beyond the limits of ordinary human possibility or experience.

In the Dark Places of Wisdom, Peter Kingsley


An Inside Look At The Horrors Of A Soviet-Era Island Prison

This prison was erected (in what is now Estonia) first as a barracks in the time of the Russian Empire, before it was a Soviet state. But, of course, those Soviets needed plenty of prisons, so Patarei was converted into a prison in 1920 and stayed that way until its shutdown in the late 20th century. A quick look inside tells of many horrors. I can’t even imagine (wait, yes, I absolutely can imagine) what type of medical torture was done on these (at times, innocent) prisoners.

Source: Imgur user Ekantv